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Glue for expanded polystyrene by Grizzly – what its advantages are?

Expanded polystyrene – is a new improved version of polystyrene. Finishing products such as baguettes, ceiling and wall plates, decorative details are made of this material. All of them are popular in decoration works. But the process of their gluing is quite troublesome. Only properly selected glue can make work much easier. How to choose perfect glue? Let’s find it out!

Grizzly – the new formula

Клей для пенополистирола GrizzlyThe glue for expanded polystyrene by Grizzly has been developed specially for work with products from expanded polystyrene. The product is presented in a packing of 280 ml and 1,2 kg. A specially developed formula allows to glue products just in 3 seconds. It is the huge benefit of this glue. In addition, the glue has other advantages:

  1. Convenience of application. Due to the packaging, the glue is distributed over the surface of the baguette evenly, no extra material is used, the work is carried out without excessive contamination.
  2. Dense and viscous consistency. Due to this, it lies down the material well and does not drain if the product needs to be moved. Thanks to this, the risk of spoiling the baguettes is reduced to zero.
  3. Strong adhesion of surfaces. Due to this property, the gluing of the baguette to the wall and ceiling occurs very quickly. Do not need to work in several hands, press the baguette along the entire length and wait until it secures. It is enough to have one tight pressing.

What do we get as a result?

Що ми отримуємо в результатіIn addition, glue by Grizzly is water-based, does not contain chemically harmful substances, does not give an unpleasant smell.

With properly selected glue, finishing works go without unnecessary difficulties, the decor holds on the wall and ceiling reliably, and the repair successfully reaches the completion stage. Do not neglect the selection of quality materials. They guarantee the efficiency of the work and the long service of your repair.

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