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Career and happiness: is it possible?

The value of career and career development is on the list of the most important priorities of a modern person. After all, a career is success, money, and self-realization. But is there a place for happiness and is it possible to combine work with simple human joys? Maybe. How? Let’s see together!

Three mistakes that prevent happiness

  1. Wrong workНе та работа

A prestigious company, a good salary and an authoritative position. It should seem that everything is fine. However, you do not bring a special joy to work, after working day you are exhausted and there is no desire to do anything. You go to work as to hard labor. Such feelings are a good reason to change jobs. If you are far from the sphere of activity, the policy of the enterprise or you just have uninteresting duties, eventually you will meet depression soon. Joy brings only the work that appeals to you, and it serves as a way of self-development.

  1. Twenty four/seven2. Круглосуточно без выходных

Sadly, but in Japan, people dies because excessive fatigue and exhaustion. That is why in the country of the rising sun, there are special employees. They come to work at 21:00 and get people out to their houses and rest. Rest is a guarantee of working capacity. A good high-grade sleep directly affects the effective functioning of the brain and physical activity. Consider that rest is the guarantor of the quality of your work. If, in addition, you have an interesting holiday it is also a happy emotion.

  1. Excessive efforts directionЧрезмерная отдача

The first mistake of workaholics is in excessive effort direction. The hero of the movie “Office Romance” is a striking example of this. She could not even get the animal, because she has no the time to take care of it. This could be in a case of person’s loneliness, when it looks for solace in work, but it is unacceptable if the family waits at home. You can live by work, but … during working hours. Of course, you can think, analyze and generate ideas around the clock, but when you meet close people, you must pay them your attention. So you will maintain the right balance between what is dear to you. Family always supports you and is a reliable home front.

The modern world dictates its happiness criteria to us, placing many vital joys in the framework of financial opportunities. Of course, a career is important, necessary, irreplaceable, but you do not need to put it above everything else. A reasonable balance between work and your own interests (hobbies, friends, family), the opportunity to be realized in everything that is interesting and get rich emotions – all this will surely make you happy.

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