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What kind of materials is it better to use to fit the interior design trends of 2018?

The more modern technologies develop, the more humanity strives for nature. That is why environmental friendliness, cleanliness and maximum naturalness are in trend. Do not worry, that the house was fashionable, it is not necessary to turn it into a wooden frame. It is enough to use materials in the room that help to maintain the interior in the maximum naturalness and to withstand the main directions of house decoration.

Ideal and natural materials selection

All natural is in the first place. The modern interior is based on such materials:

Where the wood is used?


The wood is used in the living rooms, bathrooms, hallways, kitchens and loggias. Perhaps, there is no such part in the interior of the modern house wherever wood were tried to apply.

What is important to know about wood?

With proper storage and use, the life span of a natural wood is on average 20 years. If you want it to work out beautifully these years, you need to strengthen it. Just note that the wood, which is used to be used must be cleaned from the old paints to the “bare” surface. In all other respects, both for the new wood and for the already used, the treatment assumes three steps.

  1. Putty of defects. If there are any holes or chips, it is important to level them with the rest of the surface. Untreated parts of the wood make it vulnerable –moisture and pests penetrates it. You can close the wood fibers well and imperceptibly level the flaws with the help of the putty for wood by TRIORA.

What is worth knowing about the material? The putty is applied easily, adheres to the wood firmly. Must be applied with a layer of 1 mm. After the first layer drying, the next one can be applied, until the surface is leveled. Moreover, thanks to a palette of six colors you can choose the right wood shade. It turns out a strong and inconspicuous “patch”.

  1. Wood priming. Wood protecting primer by TRIORA penetrates to a depth of 5 mm, disinfects the surface, and creates an invisible durable coating. This protects the entire area of ​​the wooden product from external influences and prevent the development of mold.

What is worth knowing about the material? Wood protecting primer penetrates deeply into the structure of the wood, protects it from mold, blue and fungus. This kind of powerful antiseptic protects products from spoilage.

  1. Coating with lacquer or lazure. This is the last decorative layer on the wood.

What is worth knowing about the materials? What is their difference? Acrylic lacquer by TRIORA creates a colorless, strong shiny coating. Fresh lacquer coating does not stick together and dries quickly. Over the years, the lacquer does not turn yellow and perfectly protects the surface from moisture.

Acrylic lazure by TRIORA leaves only light shine, not so resistant to rough impact. However, it gives the wood a beautiful deep shade and preserves the natural pattern. With its help, an inexpressive plate acquires the color of expensive wood. Lazure does not burn out and it preserves a beautiful color for a long time.

All materials for wooden surfaces by TRIORA meet eco standards. They are safe and can be used even for children’s furniture.

How the stone is used in the interior?

Main applications:

What to consider using a stone?

No wonder they say that the water is sharpening the stone. If natural stone can withstand external influences without problems, then an artificial one needs a protective coating. You can also use acrylic lacquer by TRIORA for this. It is well applicable not only to wood, but also to other surfaces. The lacquer covers all pores of the stone well, protect it from dirt and simplify cleaning.

A small nuance – the coating could be applied only on a stone with a rough surface. Perfectly smooth slabs, such as ceramics, do not presuppose painting on top of paintwork materials.

Metals in the interior


In the modern house, it acts as a decorative, and a fundamental material.

The greatest problem of metal elements is rust. If the non-ferrous metals are practically not susceptible to corrosion, then black ones must be protected.

Use an anticorrosive primer series Kolchuga by ZEBRA. It protects the material from dampness and prolong its existence.

What is worth knowing about the material? It is used for steel and iron. There are materials in the composition of the primer that prevent the appearance of rust and create a dense cover on any surface.

For those who also plan to paint the metal elements, we recommend enamel for rust 3 in 1 with the hammer effect by ZEBRA. With its help, you not only protect the metal, but also get a beautiful decorative effect.

What is worth knowing about the material? There is a primer in the enamel composition, well it is enough to put the material on a clean surface and you get a protected beautiful coating. The material does not fade and perfectly shines.

Using fashionable materials in the housing environment, do not forget to protect them and prepare them for years of service. Therefore, your interior will save its distinctive style and eco-friendliness.

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