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How to make the client think that the product is valuable, not expensive?

Most often people deny themselves in a good commodity because of the considerable value. Although, in reality, taking into account the period and quality of operation, in the end it turns out that the product with a higher price proves to be more profitable than a cheap analog. How can you prove this to an unbeliever customer and convince it that the goods are not expensive, but valuable and justifies its value by 100%? Let’s learn the secrets of persuasion from professional sellers.

 “We are not so rich as to buy cheap things”

This conviction has existed for a long time and became not just words, but also a real axiom. Let’s look at some examples, why you need to buy expensive goods, if the same ones could be bought for a penny?

In some things, the difference is obvious. For example, “Adidas” and “Abibas” – a brand with guaranteed quality and a fake with an untested reputation.

Sometimes it happens that goods have completely the same look. The secret of the difference is hidden in the composition.

For example, our company ZIP produces water-based paints TRIORA. All paints, regardless of the manufacturer, in an open can look the same at first glance. Moreover, even if you read the composition, everything seems to be similar. However … The ZIP plant uses European raw materials in its production, but for example, the competitor X uses domestic ones. There are more severe requirements of standards to the European raw material. Due to this fact, the quality of the final material is better. That is why it costs a little more. The product is guaranteed to be safe, and it serves twice longer then a similar product from the factory X. It turns out that buying paint at a higher price you do repairs for 10 years. Buying the cheaper one – for 4-5 years. In the end, you have to repeat the work, buy paint, auxiliary materials, and spend money, time and efforts.

It is better to buy just once, but qualitatively, profitable in all respects. Therefore, you, as a seller, perfectly know that you are selling a worthwhile product. Now the task is to explain everything to the buyer and convince it of this.

The rocks on which we split. How to break them?

“I cannot afford it.” Unfortunately, it happens indeed. Many really cannot pay the full cost of the goods. Do not force a person to pay a serious sum for it. Explain why it needs to afford it. Good buy is that one that is desired. Only after acquiring goods from you with pleasure, a person returns to you. This is the philosophy of the correct sales.

 What do you do in this situation?

  1. Prove to the client that it needs the goods

Involve a person in a conversation and give it the most tempting information about its product. Do not deceive, but show the pros. Tell about:

By this, you show yourself as a professional and cause trust. So, even if a person does not buy anything now, it is possible that it will figure some questions with money out and come to you in a week for such a wonderful purchase.

  1. Докажите клиенту, что товар ему необходимDemonstrate the product

It has long been proven that even remotely on the Internet a person more willingly buys what it sees. So show them what your product can do! For example, if you are selling paint, demonstrate the colors, how well the paint covers the surface, how beautiful the interiors look with your materials. Rub it with your hand – show how hard the paint is holding. Give the buyer a touch of paint tactile. Prove all the advantages in practice. It is better to see once than to hear 100 times.

  1. Будьте внимательны к своему покупателюBe attentive to your customer.

In an effort to convince and prove, do not forget to listen. Even if your monologue is full of interesting facts, it becomes boring to a person. The seller is almost like a doctor – a person comes to it with its tasks and problems, it needs advice and help. If the buyer is willing to conduct a conversation, listen to it carefully and actively participate in the conversation. You are interesting to a person only if you can answer all its acute questions.

What cannot be done convincing in the value of the goods?

A good seller is an all-knowing seller. Study thoroughly the production and your products. Love your goods, know everything about it, and be sure of its quality and strengths. Then you will surely convince the customers that you have not an expensive product, but valuable.

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