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How to change a boring decoration with the help of just one thing?

Were there no novelties in the interior for a long time and the situation already seems boring and you dream of about the repairing? It is not necessary to torment yourself with a long wait and save money for global repair work. How to change the interior only with the help of one thing? – Let’s see!

Mirror revolution

Зеркальная революцияOnly one mirror can change the interior. Hang up a large mirror on the wall – and the room become much more spacious and lighter. Do you have one more wall mirror? – Add to it a couple of another, but in the different shape or in a frame of a different color. You can come up with an infinite number of options with the mirrors and all of them will be perfect in their own way.

Changing one detail from the pair

Often in striving for a symmetrical arrangement of things in the interior, we choose the same, twin things. After some time, they merge with the other things of the decoration and become invisible. So if you really want to change something, update one of the paired elements. In the bedroom, you can change the cabinet or lamp. Designers advice not to be afraid to implement bold ideas, use the most unusual items. For example, if you collect glossy editions in a stack, which you still can’t carry, into the waste paper, you could get an excellent night table.

Tablecloth or napkins

Скатерти или салфеткиThe dining table, which used to be uncovered, will help to refresh the interior with the help of the textile napkins or beautiful tablecloth. A good option is a thin textile strip in the middle of the table. Bright detail diversifies the living room. It will help to make the interior more cozy and joyful.

New carpet

Новый коверA rug, or a small carpet by the bed – any new flooring will transform the room. Especially if you preferred a laminate or parquet before. In the shops, there are many small rugs of different colors and patterns, but if you feel a thirst for something original, you can make a rug by yourself. Rugs, sewn from fluffy pompoms or woven in retro style from the remains of fabric look interesting.

Home garden

Домашний садA big houseplant will not only transform the interior, but also improve its microclimate, will make the air cleaner and fresh. In the apartments, citrus and coffee trees take root well. You can choose flowering plants, for example roses.

In striving for changes in the house, start with a general cleaning. Get rid of obsolete things – change photo frames, figurines, vases, transplant flowers. Change the furniture; arrange books on the colors of the covers. Against the background of the transformed house, a new expressive thing will look especially advantageous. Choose a new thing, based not on its price, but on your feelings. Desirable things will look more effective in the interior of your house.

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