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How to avoid the “boiled frog” syndrome

In the 19th century, scientists conducted an experiment. One frog was thrown into a pot of boiling water; it jumped out and stayed alive. Another frog was being heated in a saucepan of cold water. It was adapted and only when the water boiled, tried to jump out. The force did not remain – and the amphibian died. Sometimes people, like those frogs, are exposed to stress for years, harming our own health. Stop! We understand how to not be cooked and how to jump out in time.

Identify signs of dangerИщите признаки опасности

The essence of the frog syndrome is that the person accepts reality without objections, without even thinking that it does not suit. You can recognize the syndrome by answering simple questions:

  1. Do you feel rested and cheerful?
  2. Do you enjoy everything that you do?
  3. Do you have enough time for yourself and your hobbies?
  4. How often do you have to change plans, adjusting to others?

If the answers are clearly not in your favor, then you are already in the pan and, most likely, it is being heated. How to jump out?Как выпрыгнуть?

How to avoid frog syndrome and not repeat mistakes later?Как избежать синдрома лягушки и не повторить ошибок в дальнейшем?

Certainly, nothing in life goes, as we want. Always look at the prospect. Do you see the positive changes after the difficulties? So they are worth it. Are there some troubles ahead? Exit the game. In addition, it is also important that, in the different circumstances, you control yourself. Only in this case, the boiled frog syndrome does not threaten you.

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