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How and with the help of which tools it is possible to remove the paint from the carpet, wooden floor and other objects

The repair is in full swing, you are full of willingness to make an interior coup, but suddenly … the paint spilled onto the floor. Anything can happen – a little helpers appearing, hand trembling while the can opening or you stumbled and hooked the can with paint. There can be many reasons. However, how to deal with the consequences? Here is some answers from the experienced repair people.


берите тряпку, которая хорошо впитываетAs in any emergency, here is a quick reaction in the foreground. It is important to remove as much paint as possible before it dries. Otherwise, there is a dry stain. Therefore, as soon as the paint is spilled – take a rag that absorbs well, and wipe away the bulk of the material. The task is to wipe as much paint as possible from the surface. The thinner the layer remains, the greater the chance of completely getting rid of the stain. In the process, always change rags as they become soiled. Otherwise, you will only increase the area of ​​the spot.

Solvent is in business

Растворитель в делеThe next step is cleaning the stain with a solvent.

How to wash off water-based paints?

It is easier to work with paints on the water base. You just need to wash it thoroughly with warm water. On a hard surface, this is simple and guaranteeing cleanliness (almost 100 %.) If carpets or upholstery fabrics are damaged, it is somewhat more difficult to wash. Wipe a stain with a wet cloth until you reach the desired cleanliness.

If you can transfer the product to the bathroom – wash the stain with running water. It is faster and more efficient.

How to wash off organic material?

In case you have spilled alkyd enamel or paint on an organic base, use a solvent also on an organic base, for example, white spirit or solvent by ZEBRA. The principle is the same as with water based material – wash out until the surface becomes clean. Always wear gloves!

If you are afraid that the solvent can spoil the surface, try it on an inconspicuous place of the product. Sometimes it happens that the solvent not only flushes the paint, but also spoils the coating. Alas, but in this case it is necessary to choose the bad from between the bad and the worse.

At the end of cleaning, it is better to wash the solvent from the object with clean water. Additional cleaning of the room and airing remove the unpleasant smell.

Consider that the greatest trouble with spilled paints is colorants. They firmly penetrate into the material and are extremely hard to wash. When washing the paint, try to blur the edge of the spot to make it less clear.

This scheme of cleaning the paint is applied absolutely to all surfaces – textiles, wood, and concrete. Of course, you cannot always get the expected result. So, in order not to be upset because of the damaged floor or furniture, be sure to cover all surfaces with cover before painting. Then no spilled paints are terrible to you.

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