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How to choose putty for ceiling repair?

Is it necessary to use putty on the ceiling? If you want to make stretch ceiling, then it is not. But if all the work will be carried out directly on the surface of the ceiling, putty applying is necessary. With the help of putty small and large flaws are equalized, the quality of application is increased. In order to avoid mistakes in a suitable putty choosing, use the tips from professionals.

Putty for all types of repair

Today two types of leveling materials are the most popular – gypsum or dry and acrylic putties.

Gypsum putties. The material has been used in construction for a very long time and, along with new more modern analogs, it does not lose popularity. Its features:

Акриловые шпатлевкиAcrylic putty. Improved analogue of gypsum materials, has an updated composition, therefore it is easier to apply. Acrylic putty:

If you need to take into account the financial advantages of buying materials, assess the scale and area of ​​work, ceilings defects. For repair in one room it is more profitable to take an acrylic putty of small packing. But if you need to make repair in large rooms, it is more profitable to use gypsum putty. Don’t forget that you also need to buy primer with the dry mixtures, find special equipment for their preparation, calculate the duration of drying. If you hire builders, acrylic and gypsum putty come out in about the same cost in the end.

As a result: acrylic putties win, leaving the right of primacy in low price for gypsum ones.

How to choose acrylic putty?

This material is better to choose, taking into account the climate and humidity of the room.

Putty is a kind of base layer that performs protective and decorative functions. It is easier to work in the future with the puttied surface. All the applied materials firmly adhere to each other. In a word, this is a pledge of good repair, which is necessarily to be applied both on the wall and on the ceiling.

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