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How to choose materials that can undergo environmental expertise

Are you in favor of sports, healthy eating and the right way of life? The right choice! How about a healthy home? The ecology of the dwelling and human health are directly related. Therefore, it is very important to choose environmentally friendly materials for construction and repair. We learn how not to be mistaken and what to orient for in the choice.

What the ecological material is?

экологичный материал

Environmental compatibility is absolutely no effect on the microclimate of the room from the material. The concept can be applied to any component of the house – brick, slab on the walls, decoration and decorative materials, furniture.

The harmlessness of the materials consists of three components:

  1. What they are made of, what is in the composition;
  2. In what way they were manufactured, whether the production standards were adhered to;
  3. Whether materials were used and stored correctly;

The first two points – it is the task of the manufacturer. We should take care of proper storage. For example, if you store wood or mineral materials in damp, the dangerous mold can appear on these surfaces soon. The paint is not the reason for this, but bad conditions of ventilation and heating are. To keep the house clean, be sure to follow the rules for the materials using.

Why non-ecological materials are dangerous?

Чем опасны не экологичные материалыPeople usually choose non-ecological materials because of their low price. Alas, they save on the price, but ruin the health. Scientists have proved: the chemical components of materials provoke many problems. Among them:

There are many intimidating factors, right? Then it is time to make a decision only in favor of eco-materials.

How to understand is the material safe or not?

The first sign, which determines the purity of materials, is the ecological labeling marks. On the foreign products, you can see a variety of icons – the flower “Eco Label” in the EU countries, “Green Seal” on the US products, the swan “Miljomarkt” on the products of the Nordic countries.

знаки экологической маркировки1 знаки экологической маркировки2 знаки экологической маркировки

In Ukraine, since 2014, some manufacturers use the “Green Crane” badge. However, in most, the proof of the safety of domestic goods is the certificate of compliance with quality standards and the conclusion of the specialized laboratories.

The main requirements for Ukrainian products:

The fact that domestic manufacturers adhere to the requirements of environmental safety is confirmed by the results of the laboratory studies. They must specify in the product certificates. Well, for quick familiarization on the labels, you can see signs of compliance with quality standards.

In addition, the instructions to the product should contain detailed information about its composition, as well as recommendations for use: where and how to use it.

The Rule of Healthy Repair

Today, all paint and lacquer materials are divided into two types:

If you want a truly safe repair, use all water paints by TRIORA for all interior work in the home.

Why TRIORA should be trusted?

ISOThe products of TRIORA are so safe, that it can be used in children’s, bedrooms, furniture repair, decoration items. It has not unpleasant odor, does not emit harmful fumes into the air either during application or in further operation.

2: 0 in favor of water-based paints

2:0 в пользу водных красокWhat else is important to know? Today there is an opinion that safe paints serve less than those that are based on alkyd. It is a delusion. Water-based paints create an excellent hard coating. For example, semi-interior paint by TRIORA has 1st grade of abrasion, designed for intensive washing. Therefore, in interior paints by TRIORA safety and durability are synonyms.

Provide yourself with clean air, devoid of chemicals and unpleasant odors in your house. Use only eco-materials, enjoy a healthy climate and take care!

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