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How to make it so the wooden floor serves for a long time?

Choosing a wooden floor for the house, the owners receive an environmentally friendly, durable, warm and beautiful coating. With proper processing and care, wooden floors can serve over 60 years, becoming a profitable investment in the interior. How can you independently extend the life of the coating using modern materials, let’s see in this article.

Первичная защитаPrimary protection

The worst enemies of the wooden surfaces are dampness, temperature changes and biological pests. The best protection from them is the integrity of the board and a firm covering. Examine the wooden floor. Cracks, chips or other mechanical damage of the boards should be ground with a special putty for wood. You can use a special putty for the wooden surfaces by TRIORA for this. If you are renovating the old floor and found plots affected by rot, they have to be removed mechanically, polished and then it is possible to apply putty. The putty will not only level the surface and hide the flaws, but also block access to the inside of the wooden plate.

Предостеречь от пораженияCaution from defeat

One of the way of the antibacterial treatment of the wood is the primer applying. How much is it important in the repairing of the floor? If the coating is new, the primer will increase the level of protection. Special protection primer for wooden surfaces by TRIORA creates a waterproofing coating on the floor, promotes good adhesion of the surface with decorative coatings and uniform distribution of the next layer of the material. It consists of antiseptics that penetrate deeply and entangle in the structure of wooden fibers; block the growth of mold in them. One layer is enough to get a good coverage. Be sure you allow the primer to get dry out and then proceed to applying of the decorative coating.

Декорировать и укрепитьDecorate and strengthen

There are several ways to decorate the wooden surfaces. For example, the floor could be varnished. A suitable material could be found in the ZEBRA line. The wooden floor in the apartments, covered with the parquet varnish has a beautiful luster, does not burn out in the sun. You can choose color enamel, which will give a dense and uniform glossy coating and has a high opacity.

A new floor made of wood is worth strengthening in three stages to get the best strength. However, it is better to restore the floor, which has already served. You have to make restoration based on floors condition and what kind of coverage was used earlier. With the proper performance of all the works, the next floor repair will be relevant not earlier than in 10 years.

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