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How to use the space organization methods correctly?

Psychologists say we create our space the way we see the world. With the help of space, you can both implement and change the concept of human life, influence the situation, solve the problem, open up new opportunities. Is it impressive? Then, let’s find up more details.

Space organization science

If you take into account all the interpretations of designers and psychologists, it turns out that the space organization is a convenient arrangement of the premises and its filling with the right things. Despite the fact that this seems a complex and lengthy process, in practice it is feasible with the help of general cleaning, rearrangement and small cosmetic repairs.

Where to start?

Inspect your room. Uncomfortable, bored, do not want to spend time in this room or just want a roomy revolution before the New Year – these are the main signs that say that it is time to organize your space.С чего начать

Three rules must be observed for the organic and comfortable arrangement of the premises:

  1. Division into night and day zones. Even if you have one room, be sure that the sleeping place is secluded. Simple ceiling cornice and original interior curtains can help you to solve this defect quickly as well as mobile partitions.
  2. Islets for different businesses. Is there a chair where you like to read? Excellent! Add a hanging shelf and a lamp and you get a separate privacy zone. Such zones must necessarily be functional and equipped with the minimum set of necessary furniture.
  3. Free space. It can and must be found even in the smallest room. Psychologists say that it is contraindicated for a person to be in a cluttered room. This inhibits growth and morally depresses. Take care that there are free passages in the room, and people do not feel constrained there.

How to organize space correctly?Как сделать пространство правильным

The room is the embodiment of our views on life. If you are cramped in the house, perhaps this prevents you from growing in your career, traveling and achieving the desired goals. The practice of psychologists and designers confirms that a properly organized space works exclusively in our favor.

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