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How to store the paint correctly?

Have you ever had unpleasant stories with paints? For example, you bought the paint of a well-known manufacturer. The price is not cheap, and the quality is checked out. However, when you open your paint, there are lumps in it. The story can be even more offensive – you stocked with the interior paint of large packaging, so that it was enough, but in fact, it does not lie on the wall at all and does not give a uniform color. Who is to blame for these troubles? In most cases, the cause of unpleasant surprises is the incorrect storage of paint. So that you never had such problems, find out how to store the paint correctly.

Why is it important to store paints correctly?

Что нет смысла хранить?It seems that hermetically sealed containers are already a guarantee of the high quality of material saving, under any conditions. No. This is not true. Sealant protects the material from air and debris, but does not correct, for example, the influence of sunlight or low temperature.

The paint must be kept no less carefully then food.

The quality of paint depends directly from the fact, in what conditions the material is kept. With the wrong storage, you can damage the paint even before opening the can. It loses its basic properties, it can delaminate, lumps form in it. Such material is already unfit for work. With proper storage, any paintwork materials properly serve you for a full period of their use.

Storage conditions for paints

Regardless of the composition, all paint and lacquers materials must be stored in compliance with the five rules.

  1. The optimal temperature regime.

If to generalize, the best storage temperature is from + 5 ° С to + 25 ° С. This temperature does not affect the quality of the material, it is comfortable to work with, and the material dries well.

  1. Keep away from sunlight, somewhere in a dark place. Sunrays heat the material; promote rapid drying of the paint.
  2. Keep the packaging tight. In a poorly closed container, the paint dries faster.
  3. Keep away from fire. All alkyd materials are fire dangerous; therefore, it is an indispensable condition of storage safety. Water based paints, however, just deteriorate at high temperatures.
  4. Keep metal containers in a dry place. Otherwise, because of the moisture, the can begins to rust, loses strength, and eventually rust can get into the paint.

Storage conditions for paints must meet all of the above requirements. The products by TRIORA are stored in the heated warehouses of the manufacturer, in a dry room. We demand similar conditions from the points of sale of our materials, we monitor that the paints are stored in the proper conditions. Buying paintwork materials, be sure to pay attention to the conditions in the stores.

How to store the rest of the paint?

Как хранить остатки краски?If you have paint left after repair – this is a valuable reserve for other works. The more carefully you save it, the more likely, that the paint is suitable.

What needs to be done?

What does not make sense to store?

Store the paints correctly. Therefore, you have a supply of useful materials in case of emergency repairs or the embodiment of creative ideas.

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