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How to paint a wooden doors?

Wood – is very difficult texture, which requires a special approach while working with it. That is why in order to paint the wooden doors need to strictly follow the technology, as well as to use the right materials and tools.

What should be first?

Make the door fresh and new view is very easy with paint, but in order, if you want the result pleased you must follow certain rules.

Before you begin the staining is best to remove the door from its hinges. This will help avoid ugly stains of paint.

It is also necessary to remove all the hardware, if the door has a glass insert, then they need to seal the film, using masking tape.

Before you begin staining – the door must be prepared:

  1. Remove all the old layers of paint. You can use a sharp spatula, but there is a risk of damaging the wood itself. Therefore it is better to use a stripper of old paint SP-6 from TM “Zebra”, which quickly and safely remove old paint.
  2. Then it is necessary to remove dust and debris from the surface of the door;
  3. All the bumps, cracks and crevices must be filled. For this purpose use acrylic putty for wood “TRIORA”.It is easily applied and provides an excellent coupling with the surface. After drying putty – treat the surface with fine sandpaper.
  4. Before painting the wood is required to be processed wood protected primer “TRIORA”. It penetrates deep into the wood structure and provide protection against mold and rot. Besides the use of the primer will significantly reduce the amount of paint.

What paint better to use for painting?

Чем покрасить двери?

Painting should begin with the angles and fine details. You can use a small paint brush. But the main area of ​​the door leaf is best to paint with a roller. Roller allows you to go to the paint evenly, providing a smooth coating. Paint the door must be in two layers. The second layer of paint should be applied only after the first drying.

Acrylic paints are ideal for painting, because they have good hiding power, dries quickly and does not have sharp, unpleasant smell. Paints “TRIORA” possess all of the above properties. Moreover, they have excellent coupling with the surface, providing a beautiful coating for a long term.

Enamel for windows and doors TRIORA can be used in traditional white color, and also colored it in any soft tone in the palette of colors TRIORA. Colored doors are in fashion now, they make the interior more interesting and individual. So, you can use this technique without any fear.

Also it can be used for dyeing acrylic lacquer “TRIORA” or acrylic glaze “TRIORA”, if you just want to emphasize the structure of the tree.

How to make doors painting

Painting better start from corners and little pieces. For this you can use little brush. And the main square of the door better to paint with a roller. The roller allows paint to lay more particular, making the best coating. It is better to paint doors in two layers. The next layer is better to apply only when the first one will dry.

By following these simple tips, you can update the wooden door quickly and easily, without the help of professionals.

Detailed master-class about painting doors you can find on our youtube channel:

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