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How to paint the ceiling correctly?

Ceiling – is that part of the room, which is always on everyone’s mind, so it should be always perfect.

Actually painting the ceiling is not so complicated, but it is need to know the basic principles of the operation.

Firstly, it is need to prepare surface correctly. We need the following:

Choosing the paint is very serious question. For example, paint for the ceiling “TRIORA” has excellent coupling with the surface, matte structure, it is easy to apply, and most importantly, it hasn`t addition of harmful substances.

потолок ангд

Prepararing the ceiling correctly:

  1. All furniture and techniques need to cover with special protective film, if you don`t want to get paint on it.
  2. Wipe the ceiling with old dry cloth and remove the old paint.
  3. Locations which may be damaged by mold or fungus better to treat with special Bioprotective agent by  «TRIORA».
  4. All cracks, unevenness and defects need to correct using finish acrylic plaster by «TRIORA».
  5. The final stage of the preparation should be application with the final layer of universal acrylic primer «Chile» by «TRIORA»

You might not miss application the primer on the ceiling, because it is responsible for coupling with the surface material.

How to paint the ceiling?

Как красить потолокBefore applying the paint, it must be thoroughly mixed. It is best to use a roller application. Properly selected roller will facilitate the process of applying the paint on the ceiling greatly. For example a foam roller will leave air bubbles on the surface that will not look aesthetic. It is best to give preference to the roller with a long nap.

Painting should start from the walls and gradually move to the center of the room. It is important to overlap stain on the strip slightly. Little brush will paint remote places very well.

If you want to avoid stains on the ceiling, you need to each successive layer of paint applied only after the previous dry. Otherwise the paint may become dimmer, and loses the desired surface smoothness.

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