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How to paint the facade?

Exterior finish of your house plays an equally important role, as well as internal, because it is rightly say: “Meet by clothes ..”. If over time the paint slip off  the facade of or become more bleak it needs to re-painted.  If you want your facade of the house has always a perfect view, it is necessary not only to choose the right paint, but also paint in the right way –  it will allow it to look perfect for a long time.

Stages of painting facade

подготовка фасада к покраскеThe first and one of the important stages is a direct preparation for painting the facade. The walls of the facade must be cleaned from dust and dirt. All surfaces that will not be painted need to protect with a protective film.

All items that can be remove must be removed.

If the walls has some irregularities or defects they must be removed, pre-filled, using acrylic front putty by «TRIORA». After that the surface must be cleaned. It also needs to apply a universal acrylic primer «UNI-ground» by «TRIORA». This is very important because it strengthens the soil cover, makes better mate with the surface of the paint, plus the entire of paint consumption is considerably reduced. After application, the primer must dry at least 24 hours.

Second stage is applying directly the paint to the surface. It is better to choose a special paint for the facade. For example, the exterior paint TRIORA ideal for painting facades, easy to apply and dries quickly.

What paint is better for the facade?

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Before applying, the paint is required to be thoroughly mixed. To paint the facade it is necessary to use large and small brush. Large brush is used directly for painting the main square, a small brush is used for painting hard to reach places.

Painting the facade must be held at the temperature from +18°C to + 10°C above zero. Lower or higher temperatures can complicate the process of painting

At first paints all angles with a narrow roll. Color length should be approximately 1.5 – 2 meters (you can use a small brush). Paint necessary to start from the wall angle.

Paint must be perpendicular to the motion, changing directions every 60 cm.

It is also possible to apply at painting method, resembling the letter W. The last pass should be a leveling downwards.

Paint the facade usually in two layers. Before applying the second coat, it is necessary to allow the first layer to dry.

It is important to remember that the process of painting the façade shouldn`t be interrupted, because as a result you can get a non-uniform surface color.

At the end of the work, while the paint is still wet it should be protected from wetting and dust.

By following these simple guidelines, you will be able to animate the facade without any effort! Be impeccable in every way!

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