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How and why to dilute acrylic paints?

Is it possible to dilute the paint to increase it volume? Is it true, that diluted paint is better in applying? How to dilute acrylic paints correctly? There are many questions about paints dilution. Do not rush to seek the answers by yourself. It is better to listen to professional advices.

Do paints need dilution at all?

Let’s remember our drawing lessons. The more water you add to the usual watercolor, the waterier and paler the drawing on paper. It is the same with the repair materials. If it is necessary, paint can be diluted, but very carefully, taking into account the recommendations and acceptable standards.

Three rules for correct paints dilution

3 правила правильного разбавления красокRule # 1. Improperly diluted acrylic paint becomes unfit for works. This undeniable fact must save you from work with spoiled materials and wastes.

Rule # 2. All acrylic paints by TRIORA can be diluted no more than 25% of the total weight of the material. For example, if there is 1 liter of paint, then you can add up to 250 ml of water.

Rule # 3. Acrylic paints can be diluted only with clean water. Why is it important? Because the water in our water pipes passes the stages of chlorination and purification, the water may contain impurities. Heavens know how all the components of paint and water react with each other. Therefore, to obtain a normal result, it is better to use purified water.

Why to dilute the paint?

зачем разбавляют краскиAcrylic interior paints must be diluted in such cases:

  1. If the material is planned to be applied with the help of spray gun. The composition of the paint is quiet thick – for spraying method liquid material is needed. Therefore, the paint must be diluted.
  2. Painting work is carried out in a hot room with drafts. In this case, the paint dries very quickly. To get a beautiful smooth layer, it is better to dilute your paint. So it dries out slowly, the stripes are applied evenly and the painting process goes by all the rules.
  3. Walls are primed with paint. This is done in such cases:

How to do it? Separate a part of the paint and dilute it. The maximum ratio of water and paint for the primer is 1: 1. Use the rest of undiluted material for painting.

  1. Paint remains has dried slightly. For example, you have paint left after repair. It was in a loosely closed container and dried a little bit.

Акриловые краски ТРИОРАAcrylic paints can be diluted, but very carefully. Use water of room temperature; stir the material thoroughly to ensure a uniform mass. Do not apply the paint with plenty of water. The material will lose all its properties and is not suitable for work.

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