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How to deal with the autumnal grumps?

Does every day begin with a minute of grumbling, favorite trifles are no longer in joy, and daily chores are in the mode of autopilot? The diagnosis is clear – autumn grumps. However, do you really want to be sad or maybe it is better to spend the autumn with benefit?  Let’s learn how to overcome seasonal apathy and use the grumps to our advantage.

Where does the roots come from?

Откуда корниAnalyzing the relationship with the mood of people and the seasons, psychologists concluded that autumn bouts of longing are a natural pattern. In the autumn after a busy summer, vacation, summer work, climate changes and stormy outings, the body is tired and requires rest. In addition, the light day changes in the autumn, the temperature of the air and the weather change more sharply. All these seemingly insignificant factors give rise to a certain discomfort, the grumps begins from. Our task is to meet it prepared.

Seven recipes from the grumps:

  1. Правильное питаниеAutumn regime. With the change of daylight hours, add an hour to night rest, before going to bed, spend time before sleep in quiet activities.
  2. Proper nutrition. Stop fast food and fatty foods! Eat plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish; saturate the body with useful substances and microelements.
  3. Physical activity break! Sport is the best remedy for any emotional ills. Sport is a great help for distraction, positively affects your overall well-being.
  4. Больше природыMore nature. The change of habitual situation, fascinating mushroom hunting in the forest or walking in the park are already positive contribution to health and mood.
  5. Emotional bond meetings. A pleasant time in the company of emotional bond people is the best medicine from sadness. It is okay if one of your friends also grumps. “Two negatives make an affirmative”, so that you will definitely be more interesting together.
  6. More positive. Feed on humor. A quality comedy, humorous show or favorite books with funny stories – choose a self-direction and humorous genre in it.
  7. Раскрывайте талантыReveal talents. World classics of literature loved autumn and with the arrival of colds sat down for immortal masterpieces. Autumn, for you, can become a period of self-realization too. Remember, what for you had no time to do earlier and allocate time for an interesting hobby.

Meet the golden season head-on, and you will understand that the autumn melancholy is only a small weakness that can be overcome easily. With the advent of autumn, you have a new stage of discoveries and pleasant emotions.

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