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The ideal condition of the ceiling or how to putty it?

There is a rule in repair: to start work “from the top”. Therefore, the ceiling always is the first in the list. And if it has bumps, grooves and other deffects,and putty works help. The task is not simple, but everyone can do it. You will need patience, attention and a bit of theory for the next successful practice.

Choosing a putty

To improve the ceiling, you need starting putty, finish putty and primer. Starting putty is characterized by a low milling, a coarse mixture, may be greyish or yellowish color. You can use “TRIORA” facade putty as a starting putty, which will create a perfectly flat base. Finishing putty is a fine mixture of pure white color. Finishing putty “TRIORA” lies flat due to the crushed marble in its composition, creates durable and smooth surface of snow-white color.

Can you putty the ceiling without a primer? No. The primer acts as a fixer and protective coating, improves adhesion of materials, and also remove the dust from the surface. You can choose primers for different types of surfaces in the product line “TRIORA”.

How to putty the ceiling?

Как шпаклевать потолок?

The process of puttying the ceiling is divided into several stages. It is tested: each of them influences the final result, therefore it is better not to miss anything and to keep the order of priority in the working.

The path to the ideal ceiling is not so easy, but those who were able to putty the ceiling by their own efforts, can proudly rank themselves among experienced “repairmen.”



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