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Characteristics of the minimalism style in interior

The more is not always the better. Especially if it is about interior. Do you know how to organize life without unnecessary details? Use minimalism in your interior. Let’s look at the peculiarities of this style and think about how to make it profitable in the house.

What does characterize minimalism and what are its advantages?

Чем характерен минимализм и в чем его преимуществаThe main message of this style – nothing superfluous. However, it does not mean that there should be only the mattress on the bare floor in the room. The main idea of ​​this style is to move away from objects accumulation, simplify design, and in general make life easier. It is the most appropriate style of modern housing.

Why is that? You do not need expensive resources and complex works to create this style. It is enough to work well and use high-quality finishing materials. It is possible to furnish the house with inexpensive modern modular system. Apart from that, you can save some money for a couple of unique decorative things buying. Yes, this style is elegant and comfortable. It is a worthy decision if you have not found your design yet.

Four basic minimum requirements

  1. Лаконичная отделка помещенияLaconic interior decoration

You do not need to look for complex solutions in this style. Walls painted in one color is the best option. If you want to bring a zest to your room, use unusual color combinations. The latest trends in the interior design of 2018 suggest bright colors using even in such strict styles as minimalism.

The rule of one color is also suitable for floors and ceilings. White is the optimal color for the ceiling. As for the floor covering, choose from natural wood, tile or natural materials imitation.

  1. много свободного места в интерьереOnly functional

Equip your house according to the first necessity rule. For example, if your family consists of two people, you do not need to put six chairs to the kitchen. In case of guests arrival you can get folding furniture and keep it in your pantry. Models-transformers are very practical and helps you to spend space in the room economically. Therefore, there is a lot of free space in the rooms, which is very appreciated in minimalism.

  1. миннималистичный интерьерSimple forms

The simpler your design, the more relevant it is in your minimalistic interior. Details of understandable geometric shapes is the best solutions. Rectangular furniture, square carpets, round lamps. Several figures combination creates variety, makes the interior livelier. Choose items without complex details and intricate combinations.

  1. Декор – это простоDecor – it is easy

Minimalism does not exclude beautiful details in the house. It excludes their extravagance and pretentiousness. Pictures –should be in simple rectangular frames, upholstery on furniture preferably in one-color. Try to decorate your house as briefly as possible. It is better to have one, but a very catchy element, than many small things.

Creating minimalism in the house, try to collect only the most necessary. Everything should be:

Do not save unnecessary things and throw them away. Proved: the less cluttered the house, the easier its atmosphere and the more clearly the individuality of the owners seen.

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