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How to find energy for success?

When you use new batteries for electrical appliance work, it works qualitatively. When the batteries run low, the benefit from electrical appliance is close to zero. The same thing happens with people. When you are full of energy – everything is under force. When you are tired, your dreams are a sofa and a good sleep. How can I recharge my batteries? Where can I find the energy for successful work and achievement of my goals? We are looking for ways to renew the forces.

What do we do with energy?

Что мы делаем с энергиейEvery day we live in a whirlpool of events, which are accompanied by a wide variety of emotions. We spend energy for everything what attracts our attention. Are you worried about the fact that you were getting to work unsuccessfully? Do not you have time to complete the task on time? Are you just sorry for the bird? All this invisible, but surely absorbs your power.

Three Enemies of Energy

  1. Sorting out yours relationship, quarrel or undesirable interlocutor. These are the consumers of your internal energy. Moreover, you involuntarily feed the other side of conflict with your own energy. Remember this every time when unpleasant situation arises. If you are provoked to a conflict, get away from it, because you need energy for yourself, you do not need to sacrifice it to others.
  2. Excessive participation in other people’s problems, additional duties. Of course, you are very careful if you help close people. However, it is better to do it if you really understand that a person is not able to cope with this task itself. For example, your elderly aunt cannot go out for shopping, because it is black ice outside. You have to help her. Your young brother asks you to buy him a ticket for football … It is better to refuse.
  3. Excessive ambition. Evaluate your strength really. Do not put inflated straps for yourself. You will spend a lot of energy to achieve them. Moreover, if suddenly you fail, you experience disappointment, reducing energy. It is not necessary to chase after victory. Balanced work lead to success, and at the finish you will be full of energy and desire to work further.

Secrets of energy keeping

Секреты сохранения энергииWhen your phone is discharged, you select an energy-saving mode, do not you? Does it work worse? No! Live according to this principle too.

How to replenish your energy? An effective rule for help: all positive emotions go in favor of your energy; each negative one discharges you. Firmly go to your goal without being distracted by insignificant factors, take care of your internal resources, and take only positive from life –success will not take long.

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