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Chemical raw materials

#NameQtyDelivery termDeadline for submitting the offer  
1Semi-finished alkyd lacquers RegularlyDetails
Pentaphtol, glyptal, modified alkyds
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2Thinners RegularlyDetails
white spirit, solvent, etc.
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3Antiskinning agent (MEKO)RegularlySend us your offer
4Titanium dioxide RegularlySend us your offer
5Organic pigmentsRegularlySend us your offer
6Inorganic pigmentsRegularlySend us your offer
7Carbonate fillersRegularlyDetails
chalk, marble of various fractions
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8Octoate driersRegularlySend us your offer
9Acrylic-styrene dispersionsRegularlySend us your offer
10PVA dispersionRegularlySend us your offer
11Sodium liquid glassRegularlySend us your offer
12Additives for paint-and-lacquer production RegularlyDetails
dispersants, defoamers, deaerating agents, preserving agents, coalescents, thickeners, etc.
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13MonoethyleneglycolRegularlySend us your offer
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