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Eisenhower’s Priority Matrix

How much time do you need to do everything in time? There is a typical trouble of modern people. They want to add an hour or two, or even more hours to the day for successful coping of their own affairs. In fact, a lack of time is not the problem, but the inability to dispose it is. We would like to offer you a presidential method of the prioritization. Is it interesting for you? So, let’s learn more.

 What is the Eisenhower’s Priority Matrix?

матрица приоритетов эйзенхауераDavid Eisenhower is 34th President of the United States of America. He developed matrix of priorities to optimize his working time and increase his own efficiency. The meaning of the matrix is in the distribution of cases according to importance and urgency. In fact – everything is very simple.

To make the cases dividing easier draw a square and divide it into four sectors. The vertical ray shows the level of importance, and the horizontal one is the level of urgency.

The first square is urgent and important

Perfectly if the first square is empty. If the priorities are set correctly, you will be able to fulfill important tasks on time. Thus, they simply will not have time to move into the category of the important and urgent. However, if you have not managed to conquer time and business, the first square should include something that can seriously affect the situation and status, cause trouble, and disrupt the fulfillment of the set goals. In addition, here is everything that is related to health and well-being.

The second square is important, but not urgent

The second square is the basis of success. It is most important in work and life. You need to put the current affairs, work duties, as well as plans for recreation for the near future here. If these tasks are not performed on time, they go to the first square, which will be a call of poor progress. Working in accordance with the second square, you can do all the important things deliberately and slowly and finish on time.

The third square is urgent, but not important

The third square is business that is important, necessary, but “tolerated”. For example, change the lamp, do cleaning, and go to the holiday to the distant relatives. Such cases should never be entered in the first square. So as not to make mistakes in priorities, analyze how much is it important personally for you and your interests?

The fourth square – is not urgent and not important

The fourth square is the zone of least importance. What would be here? Watching TV shows, talking in social networks, meetings you do not want to go. This all also makes our life, but does not bear a useful load. That is why you should not to spare a lot of time for these affairs. You can start to do them only after the cases from all three previous squares have been fulfilled.

Organize your day according to the principle of Eisenhower; organize your priorities carefully, in view of their importance and your own interests. Proper self-organization will save you from rework, wrong decisions, fatigue and discontent, will open up time for personal hobbies. People who have managed to master time are always successful and independent of circumstances.

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