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The high-tech design of the bedroom

The emergence of the high-tech style occurred in the 1970’s. Then it was used for the furnishing production, technical premises, banks and offices. But already in the 80’s it occupied its niche and became widely used in the interior design of the living quarters creating.

This style is quite cold, but it can be guided by creating a bedroom design.

The high-tech style, like any other one, has its own features and characteristics which distinguish it. What are these features, let’s look together?

High tech

This is the style of high-tech, in the fact. The bedroom can be equipped with the high-tech systems nowadays, for example:

спальня хай-текA distinctive feature of the high-tech style is the high level of the pragmatism in the space planning. The design of the bedroom in the style of high-tech implies space, there shouldn’t be anything superfluous, each subject must have a certain function.

The color spectrum

This style doesn’t accept the presence of the pastel shades and the bright color accents. Everything should be done in black, white, gray or brown, even though it’s a bedroom. The high-tech style – is urban, it designed for the practical and dynamic people. So if you still want to add color, use red, blue, green or yellow in its pure form, but don’t use it in a big amount.

The materials and textures

Using a high-tech style involves the using of the certain materials. For example, for the wall finishing it is better to abandon wallpapers or wood panels. The wooden surfaces give warmth to the design, which is not typical for the chosen style. The wood can be used only for finishing the floor. The walls should be perfectly even; as a texture it is better to use the painting.

The decoration

The high-tech style came to the house from the offices, banks and technical rooms, and there is no place for soft toys, fluffy pillows and other cute, and impractical things. Therefore, decorating the bedroom in this style, forget about the large number of decor, especially about the small parts.

спальня хай-текIt is better to choose several large elements from metal, plastic or glass. The lights can become as a practical element of decor.  The high-tech bedroom – is a modern design, so you can use the mini robots or “perpetual motion machines” for decorating. Don’t forget about straight lines, avoid intricate and fanciful elements in the design.

The high-tech style is not a style for everyone. A lot of people think that it is too cold and it’s better to use it for the office, but not for the bedroom. This is a style for those who live and think outside the box and gives the preference to the functionality.


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