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Long life of a wooden floor: how to paint a parquet?

Beautiful texture, original applying, tactilely pleasant surface. Parquet is good in all its manifestations. The main thing is to emphasize its natural beauty and take care of the protection for many years. Today, let us talk about parquet painting. How to do it correctly, effectively and protect successfully both the new and the old one.

Hello, parquet!

It is necessary to plan parquet work, based on the state of the parquet. You aesthetic goals are also important. Let us consider the most frequent situations.

Made from the scratch

Покраска паркетаNew parquet is the beginning of the history of your relationship with the wood. It is necessary to take care of protecting the wood from pests if you want this relationship have developed firmly and for many years.

Step 1. Impregnation of the wood with a primer. The primer penetrates deeply into the boards, acts as a good antiseptic, protects the wood from rot, mold, pests.

Step 2. Decorative coating. If you like the natural pattern and the color of wood, it is worth painting the parquet with lacquer. Parquet lacquer by ZEBRA creates a coating of high strength, withstands various mechanical influences without losses, is the most wear-resistant material for wood and gives a beautiful gloss to the surface.

Step 3. How to paint the parquet, if you want to keep the texture of the wood and change the shade? You can add the color to the wood with the help of colored lacquer DREVOTSVET by ZEBRA. It is available in colors, which are close to the shades of natural wood, emphasizes the natural pattern of the cut. The parquet should be covered additionally with a clear lacquer after complete drying of the colored lacquer applying. This will strengthen the surface significantly and retain a beautiful color.

Restoration of old parquet

Реставрация старого паркетаIs it better to paint the parquet, which has already served for many years? Here everything depends on its condition. There are two options.

  1. Cosmetic repair. Remove the top layer of the coating before creating a flat surface. The coating require thorough cleaning if the floor is heavily worn, was previously covered with more than one layer of lacquer. The grinding machine is the best assistant here. Then you need to cover the cleaned surface with parquet lacquer. In this case, you will get the color as the old surface had.
  2. Complete renovation of the parquet. Remove all old coatings with the grinding machine to the “naked” wood and perform all the works that is carried out with a new parquet step-by-step.

There is a parquet, but you need a color

Подбор цвета для паркетаIt happens that the surface is played out or there is no desire to renew the floor completely. The question is often asked here: “Which paint should be used for parquet?”. From paints and lacquers, the “Enamel PF-266 by ZEBRA for floor coverings” create color opaque coating. It is necessary to apply it, as well as a lacquer, preliminary leveling a floor surface.

Quality parquet remains in the trend of interiors for years, despite all the modern novelties of floor coverings. Maintaining its natural aesthetics and updating the surface with all the rules in mind, you will save the warm wooden floor for a long time in its pristine beauty.

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