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Decorative plaster: how to create a masterpiece

Restrained and in one color or bright and unusual? Let’s see what the decorative plaster is capable for and how to use it to decorate the walls in an original way.

What the decorative plaster is capable for?

Что может декоративная штукатурка?The decorative plaster has different fillers in the composition. With the help of them, it is possible to create the original relief on the surface. The decorative plaster by TRIORA with the “lamb” effect creates beautiful fluffy patterns, and the decorative plaster with the “bark beetle” effect imitates the wooden surface, punctured by bugs.

короедThese materials could be used both for the facade and for the interior decoration. They must be applied to the walls with the help of spatula and then the pattern could be created. For someone it is enough to get laconic relief and light toning, but someone wants more from their walls – juicy design and unique patterns.

What can be used with the decorative plaster?

Now let’s look at the most popular ways of the beautiful coatings creating, which could be used both on the facades and indoors.

Color scheme

Двухцветное покрытиеThe most common way is the working with colors. Plasters of any shades you like could be combined. Colors are combined strictly “under the ruler”, without smooth transitions. Here is the most effective techniques:

An important point: plasters necessarily require the preliminary application of the contact ground on the surface. If you want a monochrome even wall color, you need to tint the primer and the plaster in one color.

Bicolor coating

Сочетание цветовIt is very exquisite effect, which is used with the decorative plaster by TRIORA with the “bark beetle” effect. The “bark beetle” leaves furrows the base coat is visible through. You can beautifully play with this feature: the contact-primer and the plaster should be tinted in contrasting colors, for example, white and dark blue. Under the dark upper layer, bright patterns shine or vice versa, as fantasy tells you.

The application of squares, with a horizontal and vertical pattern

This is also could be done with the help of the plaster with the “bark beetle” effect”. The plaster forms thin strips, depending on the application method – vertical or horizontal. You can apply plaster squares, combining both options.

Relief from plaster

Рельеф из штукатуркиThis option is applicable both for “bark beetle” and for “lamb” effects. A pattern is created on the wall. For example, the imitation of the brickwork or the geometric abstraction. All borders of the pattern are pasted with the paint tape. Then plaster is applied to the wall. The paint tape must be removed before the plaster dries. There remains a three-dimensional pattern with clearly delineated boundaries. It looks interesting and unusual.

Decorative plaster by TRIORA is an excellent assistant for a reliable and exclusive coating creating. It is resistant to any natural phenomena, does not burn out, and repels dirt. All the beauty of decorative techniques will be preserved for many years, both inside and on the facade. Use unusual solutions and enjoy the uniqueness of your home.

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