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Decorative plaster: create a beautiful interior

Decorative plaster was first used in ancient Rome. Masters successfully mixed sand, glue and marble chips to give the walls strength and brilliance. After centuries, plaster is also popular, has become much more reliable. It allows you to create a unique coating on the wall of the facade and a beautiful interior inside the room.

Three arguments in favor of decorative plaster

  1. Structure. The plaster is soft and elastic, easily applied to the surface by a thin layer, is liable to be structured. If suddenly something happened, the drawing could be corrected before the plaster dries. The plaster is joy to work with. And anyone can do it who first hold putty-knife in their hands.
  2. Resistance to the influence of external factors. Decorative plasters are designed for outdoor use, keep color for a long time, are not afraid of rain, snow and temperature changes. They do not need care. I is the profitable variant for covering walls inside public buildings – both the interior is beautiful, and the covering is protected.
  3. Breathable surface. Despite its solidity, the walls need airing. If this property is not preserved, molding and undermining of the outer covering will begin. Decorative putties pass air and moisture from the plates. Coverage lasts for many years.

Декоративная штукатурка

How to make decoration on the walls?

Let’s start with the rules of application. Decorative plaster is quite heavy and requires a special rough coating on the wall, to hold better on and not to slip. For these purposes, it is better to use quartz primer TRIORA. It is applied to the wall in front of the plaster, creates a strong rough coating, which perfectly fixes the heavy decorative materials, firmly adhering them to the wall.

The secret of the plaster painting is its filler. The plaster can be flat, and the surface design is created with the help of special putty-knifes, applying the material and structuring it. And there are plasters, consisted large grain, which gives the surface roughness and creates a pattern while working.

пользу декоративной штукатурки

The 2 styles of patterns are the most popular today:

The structural plasters have the highest class of resistance to runout, withstand frost, dampness and mechanical influences. You can use detergents cause of excellent washing.

And for the successful application, watch the master class from professionals to apply bark beetle: DECORATIVE PLASTER BARK BEETLE APPLYING TECHNIQUE

Now about the colors. Decorative plaster TRIORA is tinted in several hundred colors according to the facade palette TRIORA. You can color the material in the desired color before applying. Another option is to apply, dry and after all paint the coating with any desired shade. Do not forget that materials using outdoor can be tinted only with the facade palette – these colorants are most resistant to ultraviolet and do not burn out. Inside the house you can use any colorants, and for a greater chic to cover the paint with a translucent metallic azure, adding the depth and value for coating.

Decorative plaster is an excellent solution for decorating walls. It’s stylish, sound and possible for anyone.

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