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What client`s problems sellers need to solve?

As observed in sometimes sellers have such situations, when they can`t solve problems of their clients. As a result – there are less clients and seller doesn`t want to sell. Very often the reason of such situation is that seller has less experience. So, let`s understand what is client`s problems and how to solve it.

проблемы клиентовMain client’s problems and ways to solve them

Client`s problems is such situations, things, other people opinions or advertising advices which don`t give the client really understand the problem and decide whether it is necessary to buy a particular product or service. That`s why the seller must to know how to solve next clients problems:

  1. Client has no confident to the brand or product. Very often having in the past negative experience client doesn`t want to trust the seller, because he is afraid to be deceived. If you want to solve this problem – you just need to interest the client. Tell him interesting story, parable, interesting fact, funny story to attract his attention. It will help to initiate a dialogue with a client.
  2. Client can`t see the values of product himself. Very often to finish the dialogue clients used such phrases as “I will think” or “It is expensive for me”. But it is need to understand that it is just a justification. You need to control the situation. Involve the client in dialogue, discuss the main advantages of your product with the client and try to explain that you really want to help him to make the right choice.
  3. Client doesn`t know how product can help to solve his problem. To solve this problem is better to ask some questions. And using client`s answers you can tell about advantages of your product and how they can help to solve the problem.
  4. It is difficult for client to make a decision and he doesn`t want somebody to press on him. For you it isn`t a problem. Give a freedom to your client and he will make the right choice.
  5. Client doesn`t call by himself. In the most cases this problem is for sellers who work using telephone. You mustn`t be afraid to call the client. To do that you have a lot of reasons: to tell the news, to congratulate with Birthday and so on. Besides, for client it will be a care and it wakens a desire to work with you.

In conclusion, we want to noticed that as always all this problems transform in one – client can`t make a decision by himself because he is doubt in quality and necessity in buying a product. That’s why if you want to solve this problems you need to establish credibility showing your attention and care. As a result you can solve all your client`s unsolved problems.


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