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What use for insulated facades painting?

Making house cold proof is a rational solution, which helps to save both warm and money. The main thing is that the work meet your expectations, and a new façade coating keep a presentable appearance for a long time. What is needed for this and how to pick up the materials accurately – experts suggest.

Thermal insulation and materials for them

утепление фасадовToday, the polystyrene (foam) is most often used material in outdoor insulation of houses. It is suitable for slabs, concrete, brick. It keeps the heat well, creates noise insulation. For a long service, the foam requires a resistant protective coating.

What do experts advice for the final covering of the plates? Materials, which are resistant to any atmospheric phenomena and have well vapor permeability and allow the surface to “breathe”. This eliminates the risk of mold, which can undermine the paint and ruin the coating.

Materials that can be used outside the building and are applied to the foam plastic for the final layer of the thermal insulation system:

What to choose?

утепление фасадовIf you have a private house and you aspire not only to insulate, but also to effectively update the facade, then you should choose a structural paint or decorative plasters:

Why are these materials better for private homes? Such work is easier to perform “from the ground”, and a beautiful surface is clearly visible.

As for high-rise buildings, one of the requirements of urban architectural services to their insulation is to comply with the overall design of the house. At least, the insulated segment should not be out of the general color scheme. The best option here is the exterior paint:

Facade materials by TRIORA are wear-resistant, have good water and vapor permeability. The coating obtained with the help of these materials serves on average from 8 to 15 years, depending on the quality of application and the weather conditions the surface has been exposed.

It is important to remember about the preparation of the surface and the improvement of the bonding of the material to the substrate. The quartz-primer should be the first applied layer on the foam plastic, if you choose decorative structural materials. It is good to primer the surface with the Waterproofing Primer by TRIORA to prepare the surface for facade paint,

If you carry out all the work on the final finishing of the insulation system, following the rules and recommendations, your house will acquire a quality additional coating for many years and retain an attractive facade.

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