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What to do if you are always being compared with your competitors

It is common for a person to compare something. Always! Your mark with a neighbor’s one at school. Your homemade pie with pastry from the bakery. Goods and services of different manufacturing companies. Yes, competitors comparing is not very pleasant, but it can be used successfully for your advantage. Do you want to know all the secrets? – Read on.

Two steps in race for reputation

Why are you being compared? – There is just the way of the most advantageous offer searching. If the client were confident in your opponent, it would not even look for a connection with your company. First compare – then choose. You have a significant chance to persuade the client in your favor. So what to do if you are being comparing with your the competitors?2 шага в борьбе за репутацию

STEP 1. Learn everything you can about the competitor

Know your competitor by sight. It is very important to know not the market as a whole, but each competitor specifically. Identify the most relevant competitors – those ones you have identical products with. The products from approximately one price segment. Study the range and all proposals; find common sides and all the differences. Find out their strengths and what is more important – their points of weakness. If you can find your strong against their weak – it will be just great. For example, the company “X” has lower price, but you, the company “Z” – higher quality. Find your plus for every minus of you competitor.

Why is it necessary? – Sometimes, you meet with a sophisticated client. It constantly uses the products of competitors and is familiar with it to the smallest detail. It perfectly knows all the prices and features of the goods. Can ask many tricky questions. If you do not answer them clearly, confidently and convincingly – the battle is lost. Only with the help of absolute awareness and knowledge of the advantages, you will be able to beat cards and prove your uniqueness from other producers.

Remember: a competitor criticizing is a definitive taboo. Thus, you declare your insolvency and weaknesses. If you had undeniable advantages, you would never criticize your opponent, and would voice your positive qualities proudly.

Look at the first step as a strategic maneuver, training for all future battles.

STEP 2. Show a clear difference

How to do it? Explain to the person that you and your competitor are not twins. Show your main distinctive feature. Many small pluses can get lost. They sound uncertain and unconvincing. This should be a very significant advantage. This way you prove the client, you are the only one that suits it.Покажите четкое различие

Consider the example. Let’s say your competitor sells warm scarves from natural angora, and you – from its artificial, but no less warm analogue. Yes, their scarves are very nice, quality and save from any cold, but they are:

a) Contraindicated to a person with an allergy categorically;

b) Lose their appearance and form after washing.

What about yours?

a) Oh, they are hypoallergenic; they fit even an infant (!);

b) Without loss, carry even high-speed laundry.

Do you feel the difference? Help to feel it to your customers. Do not dissuade, but show the difference. You are better it this and not worse in the rest. That is that! Let the client make a choice.Чувствуете разницу

It is important not to stop after your advantage realizing and its confirming. The battle for the client continues even after the victory. The competitor does not sleep! While you are resting on your laurels, they are looking for new ways to lure the clientele from you. You know all about your rivals. Use this. Look and offer people something no one else has. This should be a feature, not just distinguishable from everyone, but also very useful to the consumer. The one it is worth to buy yours and only your goods for.

Confidence in your company and high awareness of the affairs of the company-competitor must be your strong point. Then you will not being compared with your competitors, but you competitors will being compared with you.

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