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What does await us in 2018? Popular interiors of 2018

The New Year is an occasion not only to draw up a list of plans for the future, but also to change the interior. The main thing is to know styles worth to keep course for. Let’s open the curtain: what interiors are going to be popular in 2018.

Something we have to get rid of next year

First, let us find out what for interior designers impose a taboo:

On a new wave

На новой волнеThe main idea of ​​interiors in the New Year is to create a simple and comfortable space where only the most necessary pieces of furniture and household are collected. Bright colors and unusual details add fire and the energy to the room. Be sure to take care of good bright lighting.

It is worth to remember a few important basic points to feel comfort in the sea of ​​new interior trends. Therefore, the interior of 2018 will be built on such principles:

The best colors for 2018 interiors:

What styles could be chosen to apply all the new trends beautifully?

The direction of interior fashion in 2018 a little like the arrival of spring after a long cold. So many bright colors in homes have long been gone. Energy, color, comfort and quality are in the priority of designers. These interiors impress the modern person today most of all.

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