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What children’s furniture could be painted with?

It is a frequent wish of parents – to modify, update or embellish wooden children’s furniture. In this case, it is important to think not only about beauty and style, but also about the child’s safety. What kind of materials are allowed for using in children’s room updating and what can help you to transform the infant bed or so old but such lovely highchairs beautifully? Let’s find out answers.

What is the most important thing?

It is very important to consider the composition of the selected materials. Materials on a water basis are safe and recommended for using in children’s rooms.

Arguments are quite powerful, so it is not even worth considering using anything else for children’s room.

Now let’s look at the range of possible products. It is better to use lacquers and enamels for work with wood, because with their help it is easy to carry out several interesting options of painting.

Lacquered wood

It is a good idea for both new and already served infant beds. What can be done?

How to use?

Funny colors

Acrylic enamel for windows and doors by TRIORA can help to give a color to the surfaces. Why is it worth to choose this material? Enamel is on a water basis; contains substances that prevent clumping of surfaces in the composition. It is very convenient when the furniture is transformed – the surface does not spoil from gluing the parts together. In addition, the enamel helps to restore furniture, previously painted with other materials, hides the worn out parts of the wood.

As for the color, the enamel for the wood could be toned in pastel shades. It is the best option for the children’s room. Bright colors can bother kids, but light ones add color to the room and emphasize the childish atmosphere at the same time.

How to work with enamel?

You can update children’s furniture without risk to the health of kids and get beautiful result. Choose only safe materials and enjoy.

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