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Wednesday, 27 December 2017
Уважаемые друзья, коллеги и партнеры!

Dear friends, colleagues and partners!

New Year’s holidays – it is an amazing time. After all, these days we sum up all the important results, analyze the outgoing year, keep a record of personal achievements and consider plans for the future. Along with the important tasks solutions, we believe in miracles and long-awaited changes. So let these special days become […]

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

How to use the space organization methods correctly?

Psychologists say we create our space the way we see the world. With the help of space, you can both implement and change the concept of human life, influence the situation, solve the problem, open up new opportunities. Is it impressive? Then, let’s find up more details. Space organization science If you take into account […]

Wednesday, 20 December 2017
Что нас ждет в 2018 году: популярные интерьеры

What does await us in 2018? Popular interiors of 2018

The New Year is an occasion not only to draw up a list of plans for the future, but also to change the interior. The main thing is to know styles worth to keep course for. Let’s open the curtain: what interiors are going to be popular in 2018. Something we have to get rid […]

Wednesday, 20 December 2017
Делаем декор для стен своими руками с эффектом «Необычное гротто»

Let’s make the walls decor with our own hands using the “Unusual grotto” effect

If you do interior design, then only with enthusiasm and new ideas! Try the original “grotto” effect for your living room. What it is? This is an applied to an even surface structural material and a three-dimensional pattern is created. If you also use different colors, the wall looks bold and unusual. The plus of […]

Monday, 18 December 2017
Чем можно покрасить детскую мебель

What children’s furniture could be painted with?

It is a frequent wish of parents – to modify, update or embellish wooden children’s furniture. In this case, it is important to think not only about beauty and style, but also about the child’s safety. What kind of materials are allowed for using in children’s room updating and what can help you to transform […]

Friday, 15 December 2017
7 способов привлечь удачу в свой офис и свою жизнь

7 Ways to Attract Success to Your Office and Life

Do you want the new year to be better and more successful, but do not know what to do for this? We have found 7 most interesting ways, which can help to bring luck to the office and to life. These methods came from different countries where inhabitants clearly feel their positive results. Let’s borrow […]

Wednesday, 13 December 2017
Клей для пенополистирола Grizzly - в чем его преимущества

Glue for expanded polystyrene by Grizzly – what its advantages are?

Expanded polystyrene – is a new improved version of polystyrene. Finishing products such as baguettes, ceiling and wall plates, decorative details are made of this material. All of them are popular in decoration works. But the process of their gluing is quite troublesome. Only properly selected glue can make work much easier. How to choose […]

Monday, 11 December 2017
Можно или использовать обои в ванной

Could wallpapers be used in the bathroom? Four key arguments

They got unstuck on the second day, covered with mold, lose color – we heard a lot of terrible stories about the wallpapers in the bathroom, didn’t we? Are you afraid to repeat the bad experience and still use tile? How wrong you were! Today, the wallpaper has become a full-fledged coating for the walls […]

Friday, 8 December 2017
Клей для напольных покрытий – зачем его использовать

Floor Covering Glue – why is it necessary to use it?

It seems like laying linoleum is easier than ever. You just need to lay out the whole canvas and fix it with skirting boards. But experts argue that only glue for flooring materials provides a truly high-quality laying. What are the benefits of glue using? of glue and what is it for? Let’s see what […]

Wednesday, 6 December 2017
Где взять энергию для успеха

How to find energy for success?

When you use new batteries for electrical appliance work, it works qualitatively. When the batteries run low, the benefit from electrical appliance is close to zero. The same thing happens with people. When you are full of energy – everything is under force. When you are tired, your dreams are a sofa and a good […]

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