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Monday, 13 August 2018
Преимущества грунт-концентрата для ремонта

All advantages of primer concentrate

What do you know about the primer? Universal – for all repairs, waterproofing – for wet rooms, deep penetration – for loose walls. And what is the use of primer concentrate, when there is already a primer for any repair case? We tell about the concentrated primer and its use in repair. What is the […]

Friday, 10 August 2018
Как выбрать нишу для клиента

How to Find a Customer in a Niche?

Niche – a free segment in the market that the company has to promote goods and services. To succeed, a niche should be unique, attract the consumer, favorably differ from competitors. Let’s figure out what to gain in customer confidence and how to succeed. What are the niches and how to create a new one […]

Friday, 3 August 2018
Что такое нейроархитектура

What is the neuroarchitecture and how does it affect our brain?

The neuroarchitecture studies the perception of the surrounding space by the person, his reaction to the building, the interior and the situation. The creation of the design of rooms, a selection of shapes and colors for the house begins from it. Let’s find out how the neuroarchitecture works and whether we can somehow influence it. […]

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