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Let’s analyze the last year and draw up a plan for the new one

What do you want from the New Year? Do you want it will be better than the last one? – Yes? So, what do you do for this? One, even very bright dream about success is not enough. What to do? Analyze the last year, work on the bugs and plan the new one. Let’s learn how to do it right!

Compartmentalize you year

How to analyze the outgoing year? In order not to get confused and not to miss something meaningful, write down on paper all the landmarks of the past year. Take into account work, self-development, and family relations.

  1. Break the sheet into the 12 points-months. Write in front of each of them events that impressed you most of all.
  2. Start with pleasant events, successful cases, successfully implemented projects.
  3. Remember all the complex and stressful moments also.

Analyzing the event, act on a simple question-and-answer scheme:Анализируя событие, действуйте по простой схеме вопросов-ответов

Think about your annual plans. Have they come true? If so, did the outcome justify the expectation? Do you see any other ways of the goals achieving now? Are you satisfied with everything now? If not, why? In each answer, create for yourself a chain of causes and effects. This can help:

Analyzing every event that happened, be honest and objective with yourself; consider all the factors that influenced you at that time – the surrounding people, health, some trifles of the everyday life. This helps to identify the greatest irritants or motivators. For example, you broke important negotiations and lost the prize. Why? – You had a fever and a headache. Conclusion – do not work when you are sick. On the contrary, after the holiday, you increased the sales figures by half. Conclusion – rest affects the quality of your work.

Now you know what is useful for you and what should be abstained in the New Year. It is time to draw up a new plan.

Is there a plan? Wait for success!

Есть план – быть успехуIt is said: “What is not written, that does not exist”. Therefore, after a productive analysis of the past year, it is worth starting to create a plan for the new one.

Making your plans and wishes in the notebook, you:

From the psychological point of view, this is much more correct than a scrap of paper with a wish drowned in champagne in New Year’s Eve. In fact, it turns out that you burn and drown your own dreams. Whether it is the case, when they are inscribed into your favorite diary fundamentally – without chance to be lost anywhere.

What is important in the plan?

  1. Realistic. Good evaluation of possibilities, increase the plank according to them;
  2. Independent goals. If all plans are related, it can get boring and reduce your ardor. Even worse – suddenly something with task number 1 goes wrong and then all your goals for the year fail simply.
  3. Goals in joy. Do not be ill with one career only. Be sure to plan what you have wanted for a long time – to fly in a balloon, to spend a week in the forest, to learn to descend under the water with the aqualung. Do not deny yourself in everyday joys.
  4. Assume failure. It can help you not to lose your head in a difficult situation, or to take defeat easier.

Analysis and planning are not boring office needs, but a deliberate approach to your life. In daily bustle and workload, it helps us not to lose the meaning and interest, motivates and pushes to conquer new heights.

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