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7 Ways to Attract Success to Your Office and Life

Do you want the new year to be better and more successful, but do not know what to do for this? We have found 7 most interesting ways, which can help to bring luck to the office and to life. These methods came from different countries where inhabitants clearly feel their positive results. Let’s borrow this into our corporate world.

Let’s make the new year better!

  1. Генеральная уборкаGeneral cleaning. Nothing superfluous to the new year! In the last days before the holidays, throw a call at the office and put things at workplaces in order. Get rid of everything that neither you nor your company needs. It has been said that in order for something new to happen, you need to get rid of everything unnecessary and old. By the way, in Argentina, in general, it is possible to tear out all obsolete documents and throw them out of the windows. Allegedly it reduces stress perfectly. Only that, our yard-keepers are unlikely to support such actions.
  2. No debts at all! Have time to pay off with all debts and financial obligations of the enterprise – it is a compulsory business of accounts department. It is important to eliminate labor debts to all the rest. Fit all projects and sustain all the deadlines. At many enterprises it is a principle to have days off for all the winter holidays. So if you want to sleep well and do not be worry about uncompleted work, finish the year without tails.
  3. Build big plans. Undoubtedly, the plans of the company’s work are compiled far ahead of time before the holidays. But no one prevents the employees from making a personal development plan. Think about how can you improve your qualification level, look for courses and lectures for the next year, outline the professional path, you want to go in the new year.
  4. Burn all the negative. A torchlight parade is held in Scotland for the New Year. Torchlights are called to cast out the turmoil from people’s lives. It is not applicable, of course, to conduct such a parade in the room, but a couple of incense sticks can take the heat out of the situation in the office, and the lights will lighten up the accumulated heavy energy.
  5. Crash the dishes. Even the most beloved office cup gets boring with time. So you can easily establish the tradition for your department to change cups once a year. You can present them to each other. Don’t forget to crash the boring dish for the sake of great corporate success.
  6. Guests – to profit. If you want high profits for your company next year, invite as many guests as possible on holidays. Partners and potential partners, clients – call for tea everyone who can attend the office. It’s good to prepare some small nice gifts. What’s the point? It is the fact that in Mongolia it is believed that the more people visited your holiday home, the more money you get. Guests are practically your prize.
  7. Holiday decorations. New Year likes a catchy entourage. And the brighter and richer the decoration, the more successful your year will be. A compulsory attribute of attracting finances is bills, sweets and gold ornaments on the Christmas tree. These are symbols of prosperity and well-being. So, how did you decorate your workplace?

Someone considers New Year’s traditions is a nonsense, but someone sees in them a message for positive. Experience shows that any action, you believe in, gives its result. So spend the last days of the year with faith for the best and then success will not keep you waiting.

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