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6 trendy interior designs 2017

New year – it’s always changing. Changing trends,fashion and others. And we offer you to get acquainted with 6 interior design, which will be very hot this year.

  1. Pastel and earthy colors in design

Institute Panton color graced us with feminine and vibrant shades in 2016, such as Serenity and Rose Quartz. 2017 also brought the relevance of light, muted tones that give tranquility. They look very nice and organically, especially in combination with soft silhouettes, which is also one of the trends this year.

6 трендов

  1. The combination of metals

Another trend this year is a combination of several different metals. Gold is gold, but to the fashion returns nickel and silver.

Also gaining popularity white plaster, which acts as a great option of finishing. And it can be used not only for the walls but also lamps, chairs and even headboards.

6 трендов

  1. The combination of vintage and modern

The present trend in the design of this year is a combination of contemporary and vintage elements, furniture, materials and textures. Very intresting looks design in hi-tech style, combined with vintage furniture.

6 трендов

  1. The use of dirt-repellent fabric

Fabrics that can repel dirt, used, and will be used in almost all collections for interior design. Each of us wants to have beautiful and stunning building, but  it should be fit for life. That is why the designers decided to add some functionality and use fabrics that can easily be cleaned of dirt.

6 трендов


  1. Natural textures

Natural texture – always very popular. It can be wood, cane, abaca. They can be used as finish as trim for furniture, combining, for example with glass. This trend allows you to experiment and create their own unique designs.

6 трендов

  1. Mosaic

Just fire the trend in 2017 is the use of mosaic. This can be upholstery for a sofa or chair, bedspread on the bed, ottoman or even carpet. Mosaic patterns can be used to focus attention on a particular surface.

6 трендов

2017 brought a simple but at the same time very attractive in design trends to help you make your home truly special.

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