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5 main trends in the interior 2017

To be always “on the wave” is a trend that does not pass ever.  It  is necessary to observe trends in clothing, accessories and interior design. It is important, as they say always be “in the subject.” After all, the interior affects your mood, inspire, and generally displays the identity of the person.

The hottest interior trends in 2017

  1. Terracotta – it is no longer bronze shadeterrakotoviy-cvet-v-interyere-8

It seems that terracotta has not great reputation as a part of fashionable interior but 2017 is exception. This year terracotta is a real blockbuster. Matte terracotta tablet adds some warmth in your interior.


  1. Probkovie-oboi-v-interiere-2Cork walls

Another natural material that can be safely used in 2017 for the creation of fashion design is a cork. Cork wall perfectly match with a light and a darker design and are practical material, which not only protects the wall, but also perfectly insulates noise.


  1. Soft head bords “ala 60-th”610x914_Quality97_650x975_Quality97_ad__2340984_-copy_w

Everyone, certainly,  would like to wake up in a huge, warm, soft and cozy bed with a velvet headboard. Now dreams come true. Beds with huge soft headboards returns in fashion. Update bedroom design is simple now – you just need to put the bed with a velvet or corduroy headboard.


  1. coner_deco3Little cozy corners

At first it seems like a very strange and incomprehensible trend. However, in the coming year, it is fashionable to create small and cozy enclosed spaces where people can retire. In place of outdoor seating come such places, where it is warm and cozy.


  1. Pearl finish, like a queenshades-of-grey-interior-37

50 shades of Grey? Ha! 150 shades of gray! New 2017 brings fashion for all kinds of pearl shades in interior design. Add lightness and romance to the interior  you can using gray transparent fabrics or silk. The time has come when you can “dress” your home in precious colors.


What goes out of fashion:

  1. Copper and all products made from this material;
  2. Marble and all products from it. It is time to leave behind the relic that marble and its products are an integral part of the classical Interior;
  3. The use of different words and inspirational quotes on the walls;
  4. Plain tile.

Of course, it is not a complete list of 2017 trends in the interior. Follow us – it will be interesting.

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