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20 examples of incredibly spectacular wall decoration

Are you looking for new solutions for decorating your house? We offer you a selection of interesting and proven solutions.

Paint in original way
Перламутровая стена Стена в рамках Ажурный узор

  1. Openwork pattern. The last hit is the creation of an openwork pattern with the help of a tulle. Here, the tulle plays the role of a stencil. Put a sheet on the painted wall, and then apply the structural paint by TRIORA. It turns out a three-dimensional beautiful drawing.
  2. Hombre. Fashionable painting technique with the transition from one color to another looks just smart. You can make a transition both vertically and horizontally. It is easy to perform an hombre, and the result will impress for a long time.
  3. Mother of pearl wall. It is a very good idea to enrich the usual interior. If the walls are covered with paintable wallpaper, paint one of them with the brilliant decorative material TOP LASUR by TRIORA. Against the background of the wall, there will be a primary color, and the picture will pour with beautiful mother of pearl. If you have painted walls, you can create a drawing on the one of them with the help of structural paint.
  4. The mastery of brush. Ultimately, the artist lives in everyone. Draw your masterpiece on the wall. It does not make sense to be afraid of an unsuccessful result. Abstractions and geometric patterns are within the power of anyone.
  5. Garage graffiti. Do you like street art? Ask familiar artisans to decorate the graffiti wall in the selected room. It is bold, unusual and original.
  6. Wall in frames. Glue wide plastic panels on the perimeter of the accent wall. It is better to paint this wall in a contrasting color. In the center of the frame, you can place a picture or again repeat the frame, creating a picture in the picture.
  7. In half. However, not horizontally, as we used to, but vertically. Divide the wall into two different parts. The smaller part is drawn with wallpaper with a picture, the larger one in one color. On a monophonic section hang a picture in such tones, which the colored part of the wall can be combined well. The effective composition is ready.

NOT a simple wallpaper
Керамическая мозаика Уютная пробка

  1. 3D wallpaper with a picture with perspective. This wallpaper create an optical illusion of reality, expand the room and refresh any situation.
  2. Glass stained glass. Today they are used everywhere in kitchens. We recommend you to apply them in any other room in the house. You can select a part of the wall with a stained glass, place a pair of glass columns with drawings on the wall or make a thin panel around the perimeter. It looks very exquisite.
  3. Cozy cork. Cork canvas sticking is a good option for walls that require insulation. The cork keeps temperature, soundproof and looks very exotic in the interior.
  4. Wooden walls. Do you like Scandinavian style or Hugge? Then the wood-trimmed walls can be very useful. You can use rectangular slabs, or you can have round wooden slices. Take care that the wooden slabs are polished well, and are covered with acrylic lacquer by TRIORA for long service.
  5. Ceramic mosaic. Beautiful tiles look great not only in the bathroom, but also on the wall of your living room. The mosaic laid out on the wall is of ceramics of bright beautiful color is beautiful, and practical.

Decorative chips
Стена с подсветкой Озеленение стен Натяжные нити

  1. School board. Wallpapers for crayons are popular with families with children. After all, with the help of such walls, it is easy to explain the lessons to the child; it is possible to spend time interestingly, creating beautiful pictures for decorating the house. Place the wallpaper in the center of the wall and paint them with panels. It looks great!
  2. Wall with illumination. Did you pay attention, how beautiful are the houses in the street, illuminated from below? What is wrong with repeating this technique at home? Arrange a few colored spotlights along the length of the wall and cross their rays with each other and enjoy the evening with beautiful backlighting.
  3. Panels made of fabric. Choose contrasting pieces of cloth you like, wrap them in frames and hang them on the wall. To add volume, hang the panel on the panel, creating compositions in several levels.
  4. Landscaping the walls. Reception is quite simple – pick up pots in the color of the walls and hang them in a chaotic order. It looks spectacular such a garden on a white wall. By the way, the solution is perfect for small rooms. The white wall visually increases the space.
  5. Unusual shelves. From the shelves of different forms, you can create any interesting picture: from the house to the Tetris wall. This is both original and functional.
  6. Interior letters. This element of decor is popular today, so you can easily use it and decorate the walls of your house. It can be cardboard models wrapped in threads; soft letters made of woodcut or even mirror figures. The main thing is that the letters are in harmony with your interior, and the word accurately conveyed your inner mood.
  7. Panel from the paper collection. If you are collector of paper products, for example, brands – show your collection. Collect them all on a large canvas under the glass and hang on the wall. A unique highlight is ready.
  8. Stretch filaments. Draw tight cords on a monotonous wall. You can even create a pattern from them. Hang nice clothespins on the cords, and with the help of them, you can fasten anything you like – from photos to scraps or any pretty gizmos. You can use New Year garlands or LEDs instead of cords.

When you are renovating walls, do not forget about the importance of harmony in the interior. If you decide to make one wall as an original accent, let the others be a quiet background, which favorably emphasize your creative decisions.

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