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10 inspirational quotes how to build your businesses

Creating your own business – it is a very risky case that requires speed and dexterity. You need to know that it`s ups and downs. The main thing is not to give up, because even the most well-known and successful figures in the world of business was failing and losing. But in spite of this, they were able to achieve success. So why do not learn from the best? We offer you 10 inspirational quotes famous people of the world.

  1. American businessman, billionaire Donald Trump said that “There is nothing more criminal for the financial well-being than to come up with a great idea, and did not bother to implement it.”
  2. The former head of ITT Corporation Harold Genin said: “In business world, there are two types of income: cash and experience. The first experience is acquired, and the cash will come later. “
  3. Former president of IBM, Thomas J. Watson said that “If you want to succeed, your heart should be in your business, and your business should be in your heart.”
  4. James Goodnight American researcher, founder and CEO of SAS thought that “The key to business success is innovation, which in turn, are born with creativity.”
  5. Steve Jobs, the legendary founder of the company «Apple» thought: “It does not make sense to hire smart people and then specify what to do them. We hire smart people, so they told us what to do.
  6. “Good decision is the result of experience. But the experience is the result of bad decisions. – believed Walton Wriston, American Financial Officer, Head of Citicorp
  7. American multimillionaire and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie said: “The one never makes its way to the top if he does what he is told, and the one does not do more than what he is told.”

But we do not forget about the Ukrainian businessmen, who were able to achieve success and overcome difficulties.

  1. So, Oksana Seredyuk famous restaurateur and co-owner of a network of restaurants Mafia says: “Any crisis – a time of new opportunities, the chance to accumulate forces and to find new ways of development. You must be able to negotiate – with suppliers, lessors, and to do everything possible to reduce the dependence on the economic and socio-political upheaval”.
  2. Evgeny Romashin, CEO of Corum Group believes that “Achievements birth achievements. For result-oriented people new developments are the main motivation”.
  3. Complete this inspiring collection of quotes we would like by the words which belong to Oleg Zahorolskiy founder of the enterprise “ZIP”: “We understand that  we create the reality in which we live and work by ourselves. Each of us creates a beautiful, bright world in its heart, in its soul, in its family, in its team – so that’s how we are changing the world! “

Let these quotes will give you inspiration and help to understand that the path to success – any trouble this is another reason to move on!

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