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TOP-10 interior design trends you will see everywhere in 2018

Every new season of the interior fashion brings certain trends, which are to everyone’s liking. It does not matter how we try to make our interior unique, there are things, which you can see literally everywhere. We offer you to know TOP-10 the most popular interior highlights of the New Year. With the help of them, your interior will find it zest and will not lose out in its design.

Leaders in the interior design

  1. 3D coating on the walls. Wallpaper with a volumetric pattern or relief decorative plates –
    living walls, which create interesting visual illusions, are in the trend. Scarcely someone is able to abandon such a spectacular decoration of the walls.
  2. Walls as a gallery. A good option if you want to refresh the interior. Choose any bored wall and decorate it with the help of photos, reproductions or children’s art. Here you are in the trend.
  3. Wabi-Sabi style. This is a kind of Japanese analogue of the Hugge. Like the Scandinavians, the Japanese call us not to complicate our lives and receive joy even from the little things. The peculiarity of the Wabi-Sabi is to see the perfection in the uncomplicated things, not to boast, but to give preference to the modest and simple.

Trend colors

Трендовые цвета

  1. Light ground colors. From brown to green – all these colors are going to be incredibly popular. The fashion is not bright, without catchy shades, but pleasant with soft ones. Where did this trend come from? They are combined comfortably. Create a pleasant atmosphere, which is to everyone’s liking.
  2. Pink globally and in details. Someone takes risk and use pink tone for the whole room design. However, someone has limits and use pink only as the accent color in the décor elements. In any case, this color is going to be in every house.
  3. Gold metal. Shine and conquer. People crave victories and success; therefore, it is not surprising that gold is going to be the leading color in all decorative elements, lamps and furniture fittings.

Popular Details

  1. Furniture retro. This year, the fashion of the 70’s and 80’s returns to us. It is time to restore the furniture. Even one old-new chest of drawers gives the interior a special charm; bring the spirit of its time.
  2. The dark wood. It is expected that the furniture will have more colors and expressiveness. Taking into account the nature of the interiors, a dark wood will be in great demand.
  3. Velvet. Furniture upholstery, drapes, bedspreads, pillows – you can use velvet anywhere and in any quantity. This is the most hit material of this year.
  4. Natural flowers and plants. Designers offer us to have vegetation on walls, on furniture and even in pots built into the furniture. The more original – the more individual.

The question arises: is it worth to use something, everyone has? The remark is quite fair. We believe that if the trend is to your liking, inspires and fits perfectly with the interior, then yes, it is worth it. The same detail in different houses looks different. So do not worry, your purple velvet sofa will not look like anyone else’s. Try on popular decors and enjoy the changes!

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